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Hey, there. My name is Dixzallicx ('diz-a-licks'). But you can call me Diz, or Dizzy. Whichever, I don't really care.

I'm 17.

My favorite things are Naruto, music, art, cats, and Death Note.

My least favorite things are spiders, people who say that I'm annoying, and homophobes.

I've just made a website and blog, but they're still in progress.
If you'd like the links, just ask me. For my blog, you might have to be my friend to get the link to that.

Don't be afraid to message me on messenger, or email me. I love to make friends. :3

Be sure to check out my deviantART page! http://dixzallicx.deviantart.com/
I'm also on Gaia, so look for me there.

Thanks for stopping by.


Profile Link: http://www.AnimeArtists.org/Dixzallicx

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