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Name: Cymone
Main Original Character(s): Keyenai and Kenai
Email: keyenai@yahoo.com
AOL: Keyenai
Y!IM: keyenai@yahoo.com
Deviant Art Account: http://Panthran-kenai.deviantart.com MSN: puppygirl_55@hotmail.com
About me: I am friendly. I like to try and make people laugh when they are upset by being random, I am a listener to all who wish to tell me something, I am the type who tries her best to keep her friends... Hm... I tend to be rather formal when I speak with people online and half formal when speaking in real life. I accept people for who they are, so if I have a friend and I believe him or her is nice and they become my friend, not a flaw, not an embarrassing moment of life, not a rant or hate note will keep me from being their friend. If the person wants to take a break and be left alone, I will leave them be but stand nearby just in case I am needed. I do tend to worry about people, but then...that is what friends and family do, correct..?

Profile Link: http://www.AnimeArtists.org/Keyenai

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