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Hi everyone,i am new here.
My name is merrilee and i am 21, i have been drawing ever sense i could remember.

My mother has a lot to do with why i draw. she is a huge inspiration to me with her own art ( if your interested you could check out her art, just Google her name Rosalie blanscet or check her out on deviant art) although her genre is way different from mine, she is my hero.
i have posted all of my art here that i would like to share with everyone. a lot of new and a lot of old ones.

The mediums i use are mainly colored pencils, pens, and pencil all my original work. even though i would love to learn to use a computer program to color my work. at the moment i am trying to create my own comic writing and illustrating along with just drawing because i love it!

please if you have any questions or just want to let me know what you think, don't be afraid to let me know because i love constructive criticism the most ^_^!!!!

merrrilee blanscet
rancho cordova CA 95670 us
Phone: 916-370-5865

Profile Link: http://www.AnimeArtists.org/Merrilee

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