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Shizuka Kurogane
Hmm. Hullo, I'm expanding beyond Deviantart to see if I can get some good critique, or something.

I'm also trying to get some more readers for a joint project that me and my best friend are doing called "The Diabolus Stone."

Here's a link for it if you wish to check it out: http://the-diabolus-stone.deviantart.com/

We would really appreciate the support!

Of course, that's not the only reason I signed up. :3 I love art, I love to draw, and I just want to share with everyone else. ^^

Thank you for viewing my page, and I appreciate any comments!

Please visit my Deviantart account as well for more stuff ^-^



Profile Link: http://www.AnimeArtists.org/ShizukaKurogane

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